Meet Jade, who is always actively raising the bar as a Connie’s STARTENDER!

Special K is truly Sandpoint BAR (Born And Raised) and is known to ‘dance to the music played’... Be sweet and complimentary to hera nd she will return in kind. Be sarcastic and cynical, then I guessplaying with fire is your thing, so don’t cry when you get burned!!

Visit Jade early and often this month. Available MONDAYS for POOL LEAGUE. Taco TUESDAYS and WEEKEND MORNINGS. When you visit enjoy one of her newest February creations.

In The PAMA My Hand

A light refreshing Pomegranate Margarita featuring Blue Agave tequila,Pama pomegranate liquor and fresh lime juice. Shaken and served overice with salted rim.


Couples Retreat

Just in time for Valentines Day. A duo of delicious drinks destined toignite internal heat.

A pairing of Strawberry Mojito and a Spicey Roy Rogers to be shared bylovers and friends alike.


The Velvet

Dessert in a glass... LITERALLY!!!!
Cream Cheese Frosting on the rim, liquid Red Velvet Cake in the Glass.